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The Story of Life+

Discover examples of Life+ Moments, studies that inspired us, and a short introduction of the founders of the Life+ Community.

Humans manage emotional ups and downs using little amusements in life. 
(We call these "little amusements", Life+ Moments!) 
Life+ In A Day
Website Scribble.001.jpeg
rude attitude
during commute
Unexpected turn down from a client
Wake Up
Refresh by
wearing perfume
Calm down
Listen to music
after lunch
Drink wine and 
The need for taking care of our emotions has never been higher.
We're Online 24/7
Working-from-home and digital devices constantly connecting us to work make it harder for us to fully 'switch off'
Girl and Cat
We've realised that the small things in life make a big impact on our downtime
Taking more pleasure in small moments like baking, gaming, messaging friends, enjoying a drink became a way to cope with lockdown. Joy in our everyday lives is now more important.
Nice to have moments are now necessary. 
We're willing to spend more on experiences

Consumer and lifestyle focused startups that deliver Life+ Moments are often overlooked by investors, accelerators and the press.


These products are deemed 'nice to haves' and not necessities. We believe the contrary. Nice is necessary for everyday life.

Life+ community is a place for diverse consumer focused startups to network, problem-solve, create friendships and build companies that enrich people's daily lives.

Life+ think consumer companies need more attention

Founders of Life+

Savs (London, UK)

​​Hi I'm Savs. I'm an investor and company builder and love working with startups across tech and consumer lifestyle that combine purpose and profit. Life+ was born out of not seeing a home that served these companies and brought founders together. I look forward to discovering more new products and services to try out through the Life+ community! 

Emma (Tokyo, JP)

Hi, I'm Emma a researcher / interpreter / project manager. My recent researches regarding daily culture goods led me to earn new knowledge and network ranging from artists, scientists, engineers, designers, and thinkers, which inspired me to make a community! I'm looking forward to exchanging exciting ideas with you.

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